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The Autism Training Hub


The Autism Training Hub


The Autism Training Hub delivers professional learning courses which aim to increase participants’ knowledge and confidence to best support the learning of autistic children and adults.

In 2019, Giant Steps Australia opened the Autism Training Hub to equip and support a range of professionals and parents working with autistic individuals in the wider community.

For many years, Giant Steps was regularly approached to share our expertise and knowledge in supporting autistic children and adults. Interest came from other schools across public, catholic and independent sectors, pre-schools, community groups, health professionals, respite workers and families. Today, the demand is even more present with an increasingly high prevalence of students with autism within mainstream schools.

Under the guidance of Rachael Bowen, National Director of Speech Therapy, Giant Steps launched the Autism Hub in 2017 as an online site to share information and resources. The dedicated platform allows the Giant Steps professional team to disseminate information and downloadable resources on various topics, providing additional outreach beyond the immediate school community.

Giant Steps was able to expand our knowledge sharing through the creation of a brand-new service; The Autism Training Hub. This exciting initiative, to create and deliver professional training courses, required support and seed funding. Future Generation Australia, who had already partnered with the school to successfully implement the Expressive Communication Skills Project and the establishment of Giant Steps Melbourne, were keenly interested in our new initiative as a way to broaden the school’s reach and benefit those living with autism.

By 2019, with a physical space also secured, the Autism Training Hub commenced. The courses delivered through the Autism Training Hub are designed for teachers, parents, professionals and organisations to maximise well-being and learning for students and adults. The courses cover topics including anxiety, engagement, expressive communication and sensory needs and are delivered either face to face or online.

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Rachael Bowen

National Director of Speech Therapy
B AppSci (Speech Pathology), GradCert. Psychology, M Teach (Primary)

Rachael Bowen holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology and a Masters of Teaching through the University of New England.

Rachael has been working as a Speech Pathologist at Giant Steps since 2007 and has a special interest in assessing the functional communication needs of students with Autism.

She has been involved in innovative research which includes the use of dynamic visual supports to support emotional regulation and the evaluation of key therapy programs. This research has been presented at a range of national and international conferences.

Trish Karedis

Director of Professional Learning
M A (Communication Management) B Education (Primary) B Economics (Soc Sci)

Trish holds a Masters in Communication Management, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Economics Social Sciences.

In 2016, Trish became the founding Principal of Giant Steps Melbourne. The successful establishment of our second school was an important stage in extending our services nationally.  Trish’s involvement in the five year project included the registration and renovations of Giant Steps Melbourne, fostering a new collaborative professional team, designing and implementing individualised student programs within the Victorian Curriculum and building an extraordinary culture of partnership with families and the broader community.

Returning to Sydney recently, Trish is focused on the nurturing of collaborative professional teams to create school programs and environments which best support students with autism and their families. She is passionate about Educational Leadership and its successful distribution within our growing organisation.

Trish has been a part of Giant Steps since 2003 with a range of experience across primary and secondary age groups, as well facilitating the integration of students into mainstream schools . Trish is committed to working extensively within the community, highlighting the needs of individuals with autism to support their successful inclusion in broader settings.

Our training courses are informed by the collective expertise and experience of our staff, students and families.

Please support Giant Steps through a tax deductible donation and help change the lives of children and adults on the autism spectrum.