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The Autism Hub

The Autism Hub

Providing a central place to share information and resources from the work developed at Giant Steps


At Giant Steps we believe that sharing information and resources is fundamental to developing a shared understanding of best practice in Education and therapy services supporting the learning of individuals with Autism.

Children with autism tend to be very literal and therefore the way we support their understanding needs to be reflected in concrete and literal language. The Autism Hub provides a broad resource that is constantly being updated to add value, information and learning opportunities to children, parents and professionals.

We would like to extend our thanks to the many Giant Steps staff who have allowed their work to be shared for this purpose.


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Rachael Bowen

Rachael Bowen

National Director of Speech Therapy
B AppSci (Speech Pathology), GradCert. Psychology, M Teach (Primary)

Rachael Bowen holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology and is currently completing a Masters of Teaching through the University of New England.

Rachael has been working as a Speech Pathologist at Giant Steps since 2007 and has a special interest in assessing the functional communication needs of students with Autism.

She has been involved in innovative research which includes the use of dynamic visual supports to support emotional regulation and the evaluation of key therapy programs. This research has been presented at a range of national and international conferences.

Trish Karedis

Trish Karedis

Director of Professional Learning
M A (Communication Management) B Education (Primary) B Economics (Soc Sci)

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