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The Greenhouse Project is a social enterprise focused on growing and harvesting a variety of plants, herbs and vegetables to provide vocational training and workplace skills for individuals on the autism spectrum.


The goal of the program is to assist participants increase confidence, economic participation and wellbeing through the creation of functional jobs that can be incorporated into the business or act as a pathway to future employment opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2020, the project has undergone significant expansion and in addition to offering vocational training, delivers a functional gardening and horticultural program across both Giant Steps school and Adult Services.

Initially the project started as an edible garden but due to the success of the program has grown to incorporate succulents, orchids and native plants. Activities include preparing garden beds, germinating seedlings, ongoing plant maintenance and care, harvesting, food safety, cooking programs and marketing and selling product.

The Greenhouse Project promotes healthy living and environmental sustainability through the use of specific horticultural techniques to reduce the use of chemicals, energy, water consumption and waste.

The Greenhouse Project wishes to thank the many generous supporters and members of the community who have contributed.

Giant Steps does not charge fees for our School Programs. While support is provided by the Australian, NSW and Victorian governments, Giant Steps must raise the majority of funds through corporate or individual donations and fundraising events.

Giant Steps Australia is a registered charity and donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for donating to Giant Steps Sydney.

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