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Adult Autism Services


Adult Autism Services


As Giant Steps entered its 14th year of operation, it became clear that there was a need for an autism-specific service provision for young adults leaving high school as there were very limited services available.

In 2009, Giant Steps established the GS Community College to address the need for a post-school program tailored for young adults with autism.

In 2016, the NDIS rolled out and Giant Steps’ hybrid model struggled to ‘fit’ into what the NDIA had pigeon holed as a post-school program for young adults with autism.  In 2018, GS Community College was rebranded as Adult Autism Services by Giant Steps (AASGS); not changing its approach, rather better aligning with the NDIA’s service terminology.

Adult Autism Services by Giant Steps is an NDIS approved centre and community based program for adults with autism.  AASGS employs a fresh perspective for adults with autism; integrating a multi-disciplinary model and person-centered (PCP) approach.  AASGS is open to students graduating from the Giant Steps Secondary Program, as well as to other young adults with autism from the wider community.

The AASGS operates from 8:45am to 3:45pm (Monday – Friday) with a current age range of 18 – 32 years old.  AASGS employs a wide variety of trained professionals including; occupational therapists, speech therapists, behaviour support practitioners (IABA approach) and outdoor recreation professionals.

Participants have the opportunity to be a part of a wide variety of programs with the intention of promoting self-determination and independence.  The typical day includes a combination of onsite and offsite activities which are tailored to the individual using PCP principles.  Following are some of the included services:

  • Community Participation & Life Skills Programs – a range of centre based & community based programs.
  • Therapy Services – occupational therapy and speech therapy – assessments, reports, program development, program implementation, consultation, staff training and much more.
  • School Leavers Program (GAP year) – short term transition program (3-12 months).
  • Work Experience Programs – unpaid and paid work – partnering with several different organisations.
  • Behaviour Support Services – consultations, reports, plans and staff training.
  • Greenhouse Project – delivers a structured gardening program for adults with autism, building the capacity of participants and partner organisations.

Please note, the Adult Autism Services Sydney Program is currently operating at capacity and new applications will be placed on an eligibility list.

Semray Ali

National Director of Adult Autism Services

Semray graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (OT) in 2010 and has been working at Giant Steps since 2012.

As an Occupational Therapist, Semray worked across all programs from K-12 before moving into the Adult Autism Services program in 2015. Semray completed her longitudinal training through the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis and is currently a registered Behaviour Support Practitioner.

In addition to her role as Director of Adult Autism Services at Giant Steps, Semray helps manage her family business; a boarding house for adults with mental illness. Semray’s experience and passion drive her to deliver the best possible opportunities for adults living with autism and their families.

AASGS embraces the Giant Steps philosophy, whilst maintaining an adult services perspective.

Please support Giant Steps through a tax deductible donation and help change the lives of children and adults on the autism spectrum.