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Offer of Placement

When a vacancy arises the following will be considered:

  • where the class vacancy exists
  • age of student
  • time on the Eligibility List

Offer of a place is subject to an interview of parents/guardians and child. The Admissions Committee will meet to determine Offer of Enrolment. Students are selected for intake based on the following criteria:

The assessment process will account for compatibility in relation to the intake group and will consider characteristics related to the developmental age as well as social and behavioural repertoire.

  • Parent support and commitment in the program, both school-based and home-based. That is, parents demonstrate past and present commitment to their child’s overall developmental needs including education, socialisation, communication, behavioural/emotional and general well-being.
  • Parents demonstrate a willingness to become actively involved in and initiate fundraising activities and parent committee work or be willing to support the program in other ways.

For details of Conditions of Entry click here.